Kali Linux Certified Professional

Description from Offensive Security:

The Kali Linux Certified Professional (KLCP) is a professional certification that testifies to ones knowledge and fluency in using the Kali Linux penetration testing distribution. KLCP holders can demonstrate an in depth understanding and utilization of the Kali Linux operating system. Individuals with this certification have the skills, knowledge and abilities to put Kali Linux to use as advanced power users, capable of creating highly customized and secure deployments.

These lessons are all from the original book from the offensive security KLCP documentation which this cource is designed for. See: https://kali.training/lessons/introduction/


  1. About Kali Linux

  2. Getting Started with Kali Linux

  3. Linux Fundamentals

  4. Installing Kali Linux

  5. Configuring Kali Linux

  6. Helping Yourself and Getting Help

  7. Securing and Monitoring Kali Linux

  8. Debian Package Management

  9. Advanced Usage

  10. Kali Linux in the Enterprise

  11. Introduction to Security Assessments

  12. Conclusion: The Road Ahead