After a long time… eeh no, it wa smy first time: I Build a Gaming PC.

“Gaming as a Linux user is is more dreaming than really play, unfortunely AAA games. Because of this the following guide uses Windows10(COPYRIGHT) as operating system. I dont care about Windows security, i think this system is already broken.”


  • build an all in one gaming maschine for less tha 700€
  • based on windows
  • using playnite as game launcher
  • debloat and modify windows
  • play Cyberpunk 2077 with very high settings


Parts Price (11/01/2020)
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 WRAITH 3400 AM4 BOX 131,90€
D416GB 3000-16-18-18 AEGIS K2 GSK 55,90€
XFX 8GB D6 RX 5500 XT THICC II PRO 199,90€
Sharkoon QB One ITX 40,79€
Asrock B450 Gaming-ITXac B450 109,90€
be quiet System Power 9 400W ATX24 44,99€
SSD 960GB 450/500 A400 SA3 KIN 87,90€

in short:

  1. install windows without ethernet
  2. Shrink Windows about 3,5gb (Compact OS)
    1. Compact.exe /CompactOS:query
    2. Compact.exe /CompactOS:always
  3. using blank password for autologin
  4. using dark system design
  5. disable UAC
  6. install chrome
    1. https everywhere
    2. dark reader
  7. install playnite for console feeling
  8. install latest gpu driver
  9. use windows10debloater
    1. blacklist any xbox service
  10. disable trash
  11. seperate ssds and hdds for games
  12. AIO Runtimes
  13. setup autologin after hibernate
  14. configure rdp for passwordless login