networking basics

singlenode setup:

  • node ip:
    • on minikube use the minikube ip
  • pod ip:
  • pod network:
  • unless like docker not every container gets an ip
  • a ip address is assigned to a pod

k8s node creates a network.
Multi pods gets different ips.
The address will chasnging after a new creation.
Accessing the other pods over the internal ip address is not a good idea - there are better ways to do this.

multi node setup

k8s does not automatic handle this case.

we have to ensure that:

  • all pods can communicate to one another without a NAT
  • all nodes can communicate with all containers and vice-versa without a NAT

We dont have to build our own.
We can use: flannel cilium big cloud fabric calico etc.

This we will use to make a subnet connection possible between different nodes on a cluster that can be used for our pods to talk to each other.
This assings a own network for each pods in a node.