“Home Assistant is a free and open-source home automation software designed to be the central control system in a smart home or smart house. Written in Python its main focus is on local-control and privacy. - Wikipedia”


  • supervised home assistant on fast “hardware”
  • use the already exist proxmox server

get startet:

get the latest qcow2 image from home-assistant.io and put it to the HV or pull it directly into proxmox hypervisor

## get image
> wget https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/releases/download/4.15/hassos_ova-4.15.qcow2.gz
> gunzip -d hassos_ova-4.15.qcow2.gz

create an dummy vm in the interface with followed specs:

> General:
* vm-id: 1234
* name: hassio
> OS:
* do not use any media
> System:
* bios: OVMF (UEFI) => qcow2
* machine: q35
> Hard Disk:
* 32GB SCSI => qcow2
> CPU:
* 2 cores
> Memory:
* 4096MiB

on proxmox import the downloaded and extracted image using qm command

## import qcow2 image to createt vm
> qm importdisk 1234 /root/hassos_ova-4.15.qcow2 local --format qcow2

## remove the downloaded image
rm /root/hassos_ova-4.15.qcow2

after that we configure the vm hardware over gui and do the followed steps


  • detach the 32GB disk
  • remove “Unused Disk 1”
  • edit “Unused Disk 0” and click on add
  • resize added disk + 26GB

the vm is now ready and can be startet

if you like at this point we can convert the machine to template and work with clones otherwise you can start this vm and setup home assistant :)