My History with *BSD

I had at one point decided to move my Linux samba server to FreeBSD momentarily . Back with FreeBSD 4.1. I had not completely understood the conventions of a traditional unix system and being early in high school, I didn’t have the patience, so I switched the server back to Linux. A little later I had decided to try FreeBSD again, this time with 7.1 I kept that around for a while; however package management still befuddled me and trying to move up to 7.2 and eventually 8 became a challenge. I had also noticed a performance hit with FreeBSD at the time with Sam a and I was receiving both nic hard drive messages. Mostly errors with the nic. These things I did not get with Linux. So I switched back yet again to Linux.

At one point I even installed NetBSD on an AMD 333 MHz just to take barely used hard drives and remove the partitions. Yes, I know that using used hard drives isn’t a very good idea. But I did. And they worked. I didn’t have the money to go out and buy new, so when I was able to repurpose hard drives that were useful, I did.

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