Android vs iOS


While I’ve been a Linux user for a long time, I’ve been moving myself more towards the BSD systems.

Given being a Linux user, I waited with bated breath for OpenMoko to be released. Then came Android. OpenMoko never made it I was anxious and thrilled when Android finally came out. A Linux phone finally in production.

I’ve used Apple computers since the early G4 Tower’s (late 90’s), I was pleased with OS X but not so with iOS. I wasn’t that impressed with the iPod Touch or the iPhone. I felt as though it is very dumbed down. Specifically when it came to context menu’s (or the lack there of), the layout, control, and feel of everything.

Now I wonder if maybe it is okay to use iOS. Maybe it’s not as dumbed down as I once thought. It’s hard to not think that though as I run CyanogenMod on my current Android device. Where I have so many options and have so much control.

But since I’m moving the rest of my systems to OS’ of the BSD persuasion, maybe my phone should too. Which is why I am taking a second glance at iOS. I’ve refused so much to let my family get or use iPhones. Directing them completely away. I believe that it is ignorance on my part.

I have not moved over yet. And I don’t know if I will switch my phone hardware. But I have started opening my mind to the possibilities.


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